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Three brothers stand by the coast of the sea

Three nations fighting here for centuries.

Baltics Community
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Hetalia: Baltic nations

Community for the three Baltic nations Lithuania/Toris Lorinaitis, Latvia/Raivis Galante and Estonia/Eduard von Bock from Axis Powers Hetalia.


1. Be nice
2. Posts must be centered around at least one Baltic nation.
3. Anything that doesn't violate anyone's copyrights and meets rule 2) can be posted. Pictures, Fanfic, etc. please under a cut. If the fanwork is PG-15 or higher, please friends-lock.
4. Over the cut: Header which MUST include Characters/Pairings, Rating, Warnings (violence, noncon, and so on), either a title or a summary or both.
5. As for pairings: We accept everything. That is what cuts are for... If you dislike something, don't click the cut.
6. ...Speaking of cuts. If fake-cut, please no friends-locked entry.
7. Tags: There are Character-tags, timeline-tags (pre-, post and Soviet era) and what-kind-of-fanwork-tags. Please use them.


austro_swiss - AustriaxSwiss /SwissxAustria
vitalregionsget - Prussia
inthreesome - Bad Friends Trio (Spain/France/Prussia)
veilleamour - Germany/PrussiaxFrance
inkstones - East Asian nations
sadist_otp - Russia/Belarus
shakinglove - Russia/Latvia
pandafans - Russia/China (discussion, fanfics, layouts, and winamp skins)
russiamerica - Russia/America
hetalia_pairs - All Hetalia pairings
ofscones_vodka - Russia/UK
a_moveablefeast - America/France
nyotalia - Genderbent Hetalia characters
hetacontest - APH Icontest
badfathers - England/Spain
maplesandroses - France/Canada
thewarmestplace - Russia/Ukraine
belaraine - Belarus/Ukraine
russiaukeunion - uke!Russia in any pairing
rochu_squad - Russia/China MSN group
russiaxchina - Russia/China (cosplay, doujins, icons, fanart and music"
potatovstomato - Germany/Romano/Prussia, Germany/Romano, Prussia/Romano
snowysiestas - Canada/Spain
denmarkxnorway - Denmark/Norway
francexsey - France/Seychelles
denmarkxsweden - Denmark/Sweden
pruxitaxger - Prussia/Italy/Germany
hamburger_st - America
sunshineyskies - AmericaxSpain
itacest - RomanoxVeneziano
reich_of_kuchen - Germany
seafort - England/Sealand
jigsaw_nations - OC-tans of administrative units as children of nations
toy_armada - Sealand/Latvia
binary_genius - Estonia
fingerbending - Belarus/Lithuania
usxliet - America/Lithuania
europesbicycle - Poland
windmanly - Netherlands
scarvesnflowers - Netherlands/Russia
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