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"Recovery" Latvia/Estonia Fic

Title: Recovery
Author: Widok-Na-Morze (me. Or Schistoma on FF.Net)
Charachters, Pairings: Estonia/Latvia, off-to-the-side Liet/Pol, Russia.
Rating: low M
Warnings: Sexual abuse, author's odd writing style.
Summary: Post USSR. Eduard has been given the opportunity to be with the man he's always loved, and he gladly takes it. However, can he stick by his side when Ravis's trauma re-surfaces, while dealing with his own set of problems?

I think I'll also post it on LJ, but I dunno.

[Fanfiction] Terra Mariana

Title: Terra Mariana
Author: oreo_ornament 
Rating: T (warnings for sexual implications)
Summary: A ten word prompt meme for Estonia and Latvia

(Sanctus, sanctus)
Title: Circuit Breaker- Chapter One, Boom City
Author: oreo_ornament
Characters: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland. Future Estonia/Latvia? M-maybe?
Rating: PG

AU fic- Eduard von Bock is just trying to find a better way to live his (supposedly promising) life in Seattle. His friends continuously trying to set him up is decidedly Not Helpful.

(This fire ain't waiting for nothing, my siren jet propulsion. This fire ain't waiting for nothing. Take the gas canisters, torch the coffins. This fire ain't waiting for nothing. Everybody making off better than me, but I see waking up is easy when our beds explode.)

FF.N link here.

[Fanart] "Border"

Title: Border
Artist: me (syn_snow)
Character+Pairing: Belarus/Lithuania?
Rating: PG-13?
Warning: Lingerie...

Belarus - is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered ...Lithuania...

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Eastern Europe Secret Santa Exchange

Please come and participate in our Eastern European Countries Santa Exchange at easteuropesanta! Sign Up and Rules are Here. You can participate with both art and fic or a mix of both.

Hope to see some of you guys there <3
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Estonia; Prussia
Warnings:Nothing much. Just an overprotective nerd.
Summary:From this prompt from the kink meme. Prussia asks to borrow one of Estonia's laptops because he ruined his again.

If you smash my laptop, I'll smash your face.

x-posted to hetalia, binary_genius, and hetaliafic

Title:One of Us
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sealand+Latvia friendship plus Sealand+Wy friendship; mentioned Seborga
Summary:Latvia feels a little jealous of the little girl Sealand is friends with.

Latvia will never be one of them.

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Title: N/A
Artist: fickledeuce
Characters: (in order) Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia
Rating: G
Warning: Don't look if you have a fear of matryosha dolls?

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